Welcome to Jammie's Kitchen. At Jammie's we take pride in dishing out quality from our Kitchen. Most of the home based Indian recipes have been researched thoroughly and are time tested. The ones from foreign shores have not been tweaked but only those appear on our Menu for which raw materials are easily available in India. Welcome to an outing with your family or friends; come enjoy our minimalistic ambience with some great food that speaks for itself and has the approval of thousands of guests that we have served since our inception. ......


" Yummy food "
This is a more upmarket restaurant but well worth the money. Best food in India so far and awesome service.

Absolutely Stunning
A beautiful joint with both indoor and outdoor seating. The decor is quite classy laid back in style but the taste of food is a completely different affair altogether and there is only one word for it "amazing". They have a huge range of food items and all the ones I could manage to stuff myself were with awesome. They are definitely filling for the tummy but leaves your taste buds wanting more. A completely different gastronomic experience in Jaipur. Definitely must visit place. I will definitely go again soon.

Doktor Head

Excellent dinner
We had a lot of good food during our trip. Jammie's was exceptional! The service was friendly and prompt. The selection of items our group of four ordered were all excellent. The perfect way to end our day.

Code Consultant

Fantasting Place
Quite simply a good decent place to enjoy food at a fair price. Its always busy so that tells you something and times I have visited I could not really complain about anything, but then again it was nothing outstanding. The food comes hot and at a fair price. The menu is vast and anyone that is fond of eating would not be disappointed with lots of choice for veg and non veg.?

Rishabh Karwal

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