About Us

About Us
Jammie’s Kitchen is the outcome of the desire to be usefully employed post retirement by the owner Upendra Singh Jamwal aka Jammie. With help from friends, family and well wishers Jammie’s Kitchen came into being on 25th April 2012.
Our Food
India's Cuisine is as diverse as its regions. Its history can be traced back thousands of years. Each region's cuisine has been influenced by the areas surrounding it, as well as India's many religions. Food patterns in India can certainly be linked to a region's natural environment and religious practices, but foreign influence also has played a large part. India's cuisine is as rich and diverse as her people. The spectrum of Indian cuisine can be said to lie between 2 extremes; vegetarianism and meat eating.
It took time to decide upon the food that we wanted our guests to partake and eventually we decided upon Classical Indian and International cuisine which directed us to dig up some research on home based Indian preparations that could be transformed into restaurant dishes and go back to basics for the International fare.
Since our inception some months ago we have had some tremendous success with our food, building a strong and a loyal guest base of repeat guests. All our guests enjoy meals cooked in an innovative vision of perfection featuring subtle blend of taste and served with utmost care, warmth and gracious tradition of Indian hospitality for satiating the discerning quest of all our guests.
We are driven by Quality; our focus has always been and will always be on quality. We passionately and painstakingly source all our ingredients from the finest suppliers from near and far.
Our Mission
To provide food of the highest possible quality at affordable prices that translates into value for money for all our guests and triggers joy, pleasure, uplift moods, generates laughter and engages bonhomie and raises the spirits.
The Restaurant
The restaurant provides 54 seats in an air-conditioned environment with minimalist decor and 48 seats in the adjoining garden a la al-fresco. From October through March live music recital takes place every evening in the garden setting. The garden section also plays host to birthday, anniversary, wedding, corporate and official functions a buffet cum partial sit-down function can accommodate up to 150 persons.
The Owner
Upendra Singh Jamwal aka Jammie is a graduate of the Institute of Hotel Management, Pusa, New Delhi and has worked in many positions during his career in the hospitality industry during which he has garnered a wealth of experience through service to Heads of Government, Heads of State and many Royal personage. He has extensively worked in many regions of India from North to South and from East to West gaining insight in to the cuisine of these regions. He was personally instrumental in setting up the hospitality operations aboard two Luxury Trains, namely “The Golden Chariot” (www.goldenchariot.org) a Karnataka State Tourism venture which operates the Bangalore – Goa route and the Bangalore – Kochi route. This Luxury train has been rated as one of the seven top journeys in the world by Vanity Fair. And “The Maharaja Express” (www.rirtl.com) a joint venture between Cox & Kings and IRCTC which operates the Mumbai – New Delhi route and the New Delhi – Lucknow route. The Maharajas Express was voted as the Best Luxury Train in the World in 2012. Upendra resigned his last position as Senior Vice President (Operations & Business Development) with a national hotel chain in June 2011 to start this business venture.